104 Tinsley Street Barbourville Kentucky

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The living room.

This picture of the living room looks at the corner at the bottom of the stairs. A window is on the far left. To the right of that is another window facing the front of the house. To the right of that is the front door and the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms and master bathroom.

The fireplace from the stairs.

This shows the living room from a corner, with the bannister for the stairs at left, the back wall of the living room with the opening into the dining room, then the fireplace. To the right of the fireplace is the two front windows, and the front door (far right).

Dining room and fireplace.

This shows the dining room and peers into the living room at the fireplace.

Dining room. It has been freshly repainted.

This is a picture of the dining room, downstairs in the back right corner of the house. It has been freshly repainted and the picture has been removed since the picture was taken. It has a big window looking out into the back yard.

Master bedroom.

The master bedroom, upstairs on the front of the house, is ready for you to move into.

Master bedroom.

This is the master bedroom upstairs, standing beside the window (far left) and facing the door to the master bathroom (center) and the open door to the upstairs hallway (right).

Child's bedroom, upstairs back corner of house.

This is a picture of a child's bedroom, upstairs in the back corner of the house. The child's bed is for sale also.

Other bedroom, upstairs in middle of back of house

This is a picture taken from the bedroom in the middle of the back of the house, upstairs.

The laundry room.

This view from the laundry room shows the garage door (left) the door covering the furnace and hot water heater (center) and the downstairs bathroom door and shower (right).

the laundry room.

This picture of the laundry room shows the door from the garage (left), the washer and dryer connections (center), and the door to the back landing (right).